Dear client, let us entertain for a moment what a comprehensive time and attendance solution entail. There is no shame in not knowing all the ins and outs – there are however costs that you WILL undergo if you are unaware of everything that is necessary to call your solution a comprehensive time and attendance solution.

Where do you start your research for a device that will suit your budget and will do what it is meant to – log the times of your employees accurately? Have you given any thought to how you will get the data from the machine and how you aim to calculate that data into wages? Most clients do not even consider that possibility when they become resolute to purchase the tech, because calculating your employees’ wages manually has been ‘a thing’ since, well, the beginning of businesses.

Enter the possibility for so many new frustrations that you will make you rue the day you tried taking action towards automation and go looking for a solution in the wrong place.

So, let us start at the beginning.

How did the idea of biometric clocking become popular? We have become more familiar and comfortable working with biometrics, because our mobile devices have eased us into that frame of mind, using fingerprint and facial recognition to unlock and access our devices and apps. The next logical train of thought, in this technological day and age where most things are automated, is that surely there must be a comprehensive electronic alternative to spending hours ushering in timesheets and calculating hours by hand. There is, but the idea is new enough that most clients that we see and help, have tried or bought some piece of the puzzle but ended up more frustrated and out of budget before they ever had the chance to experience the true benefits of a comprehensive automated time and attendance solution – because they did not fully understand the momentous task that they undertook.

So read these simple truths:

  • Buying hardware from online suppliers that also supply groceries and camping equipment is not going to help you.
  • Choosing the first option that you stumble across because they ‘seem’ cheap and reliable, is not going to help you (without proper research into their hardware and support offering).
  • Buying hardware manufactured by unknown/foreign brands is not going to help you because of integration issues with software.
  • Biometric hardware is only 50% of a comprehensive time and attendance solution and beware of buying hardware from a supplier that does not offer a software solution as part of their product offering.
  • You need software that will fully integrate with the biometric hardware you wish to purchase. 
  • You need software that will prepare the data of the machine into a format that you either have the option to export directly to payroll or download the data into a file format you can send to payroll or calculate from manually.

Everything mentioned above should be considered carefully and taken as seriously as, purchasing a new computer or car.


Because implementing a proper time and attendance solution within your business will most likely help you save enough time and money to be able to purchase that new computer and car.  

The concept of implementing an automated time and attendance solution has only recently taken priority for some business owners in our country, the decision is mostly left to IT technicians and their “tech-pertise”.

BTX can help you, regardless if you have a certified IT guru onboard your team.

When you make contact with BTX, our marketing team takes the lead in gathering enough information from you to discern your business set-up and needs, according to this information we provide accurate software package suggestions and showcase it through an online demonstration, where additional points are touched on, regarding time and attendance and your unique industry and business-specific requirements. We specialize in increasing your most valuable asset, time, focusing on prevention steps to empower you to be able to enjoy savings through an efficient system. After this process, our technical team assists in helping suggest hardware that will be best suited for your unique requirements, for both time and attendance and access control. Your quotation is prepared and comprehensively explained, additional information is also provided on hardware and software options which are attached to client correspondence. Upon acceptance of your quotation, we prepare your invoice and order the hardware. A full project plan is drawn up for your installation, for both hardware and software so that your implementation process runs efficiently and most importantly – smoothly. We offer high-quality hardware from trusted suppliers and ensure that our Time and Attendance solution; NAKO, is set up to integrate and work with the supplied hardware to offer a FULL automated time and attendance solution, uniquely tailored to meet your business needs and standards.

At BTX we try to take as much of the frustration out of this very important step that you have undertaken towards growing your company/business. The end result is a fully functional automated time and attendance system, which makes use of quality hardware and the best software currently sold within our industry. Everything can be set up to your payroll requirements to allow for swift and successful export at the end of your pay run and simultaneously works to help increase productivity and savings. We pride ourselves on ideas through innovation and invite you to test our knowledge.

 Interested in finding out how?

BTX can help you take control of your business in a way that is unprecedented, until now.

Ke Nako, it is about time!


Biometric Time Experts

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