Temperature + Mask Detection

Taking touchless biometrics to the next level

The SpeedFace-V5L Series takes touchless biometrics to the next level by using advanced recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology to recognize faces, palms and fingerprints against a large capacity database at high speed.

The SpeedFace-V5L [P] also have the mask detection function built-in and the SpeedFace-V5L [TD] also adds the thermal detection module to that which can read the user’s body temperature against a set temperature level.

These products are also equipped with a powerful anti-spoofing ability against almost all types of fake photos and video attacks. The 3-in-1 palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm veins) is performed in less than 0.4 seconds and the palm data acquired will be compared with a maximum of 3 000 palm templates.


The SpeedFace-V5L [TD] can also operate in an unsupervised mode when screening for body temperature and face masks. This means that any person accessing an area can go to be screened at these devices first to be verified that you have a mask on and that you are in the prescribed temperature needed to access the area.

This all happens without an individual needed to be pre-enrolled on the system so no recognition needed. This feature is perfect for public access areas like corporate buildings, schools, shopping centers, hospitals or any public area where temperature and mask screening need to be done first. This feature can also be used in conjunction with any access control barrier like turnstile, flap barrier, speed stile etc.


Cost Effective, Touchless & Multi-Biometrics

Proactive Facial Recognition

Proactive Facial Recognition

New Height of Anti-Spoofing

New Height of

Speedy Recognition


Touchless for Better hygiene

Touchless for better hygiene

Wide Pose Angle Acceptance

Wide Pose Angle Acceptance


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Emilia Clarke
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Emilia Clarke
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