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Nako Web is meticulously tailored for the time and attendance industry. Over 180 rules are available throughout the system, which allows us to create the perfect time and attendance setup for your company. Use our export module to manage multiple departments and export batches. Monitor and track employees with our wellness module and identify any behaviour changes in employees before it becomes a problem.

Nako Web is cross-device compatible, meaning you can view your time and attendance data from anywhere in the world, from any device, your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The information sent to your device is even compressed, meaning the system uses up to 90% less data than normal sites. There are so many rich features in the system.

You can save up 15% on your monthly salaries. Let’s have a look on how.

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Time & Attendance and Biometrics

Our time and attendance solution utilizes various biometric recognition methods to cater for a wide range of scenarios. This includes fingerprint, face and palm recognition. Our latest time and attendance devices also include temperature and mask detection to counter the heavy burden placed on companies by CODIV-19.

Turnstiles and Access Control

While a proper implementation of your clocking system can greatly increase your savings when it comes to time and attendance, combining that solution with the correct access control and turnstile solutions can increase your savings and improve productivity even further.

Monthly Service Contracts

Managing your employees and their time can become a cumbersome job. Our specialists are available on monthly service contracts to ensure that your payroll is delivered accurately and on time.



Make sure that the clock system or biometric solution you are looking for fits your needs. Systems are there to shape around the needs of your business. Not the other way around. Whether you are looking to take control over the time of your employees, get rid of paper or if you want to develop a new system, let our team of experts guide you to the right decision.

With over 100 small to large scale companies utilizing our software our expertise and experience enables us too look beyond the obvious. We strive to find the solution that not only saves you time and money, but also makes your life and work easier and more manageable.