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We understand that your payroll is a sensitive topic and that your time investment into completing your payroll is quite heavy. Our team of dedicated experts are there to reduce the monthly burden placed on you. We even take things a step further by helping you and your company analyse your data and become pro-active towards your time and attendance data. Nako helps you to identify potential problematic areas that need to receive a higher priority focus. Our wellness module also enables you to look after your employees rather than just policing them. Our wellness module looks at employee behaviour patterns and identifies potential problem areas long before you would normally be able to identify them.

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Time & Attendance and Biometrics

If left unchecked, employees could rob you blind in today's volatile industries. A few minutes lost a day could sum up to hundreds of lost hours per month.

Turnstiles and Access Control

Utilizing the optimal turnstiles and access control combination can increase payroll savings to up to 15% for a proper managed solution

Client Service Contracts

Our specialists are available on monthly service contracts to ensure that your payroll is delivered accurately and on time.


What Our Clients
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Emilia Clarke
"We love Biometric Time Experts, because the layout is easy to understand, it saves us time by allowing us to make entries simultaneously, the employee normal and overtime hours are neatly organized and provides for better functionality. As a result, our admin workload decreased rapidly and we now have more time to focus on our thriving business!”
Emilia Clarke
“It now takes us 3 hours to complete our payroll, this means employees get paid a day in advance, resulting in a very pleased workforce! Furthermore, this time saved means that we have more time available for our other duties, and that we don't need to work overtime.”