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Palm Recognition with Mask Detection

Product Description

ProFace X Series is a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with a wide range of market requirements. This product series is powered by a special ZKTeco customized CPU for running our intellectualized recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology.
The ProFace X series supports both facial and palm recognition with large capacity and rapid recognition speeds, boosting the security performance in all aspects. These products also help to eliminate hygiene concerns not only because of the contactless recognition technology it is equipped with, but the ProFace X (TD) have new functions namely body temperature and masked individual identification.

Product Features

• Proactive Facial Recognition Facial Recognition
• Spoofing Anti Spoofing
• Recognition Fast Recognition
• Pose Angle Wide Pose Angle
• Palm Pose Wide Palm Pose Angle Acceptance
• Face Capacity 30 000 (1:N)/ 50 000 (Optional)
• Palm Capacity 5 000 (1:N)
• Card capacity 50 000 (ProFaceX [P] Only)
• Verification Speed 1 Second
• Standard function Access Levels, Groups, Holidays. DST, Duress Mode (Password), Anti-Passback
Nako Time & Attendance
Nako Time & Attendance

Nako boasts with more than 180 rules that can be applied if need be, while keeping calculation time to an exceptional minimum.

Turnstiles & Access control

Turnstiles are used to force access control at certain entrances or to control the entry and exit points of a building.

Temperature + Mask Detection
Temperature + Mask Detection

Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing and auditing of your software.

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Emilia Clarke
"We love Biometric Time Experts, because the layout is easy to understand, it saves us time by allowing us to make entries simultaneously, the employee normal and overtime hours are neatly organized and provides for better functionality. As a result, our admin workload decreased rapidly and we now have more time to focus on our thriving business!”
Emilia Clarke
“It now takes us 3 hours to complete our payroll, this means employees get paid a day in advance, resulting in a very pleased workforce! Furthermore, this time saved means that we have more time available for our other duties, and that we don't need to work overtime.”