Time & Attendance

Why invest in the time and attendance power of NAKO?

NAKO is meticulously tailored for the time and attendance industry. Over 180 rules are available throughout the system, which allows us to create the perfect time and attendance setup for your company. Use our export module to manage multiple departments and export batches to payroll. Monitor and track employees with our wellness module and identify any behavior changes in employees before it becomes a problem. We aim to help clients act pro-active instead of reactive.

NAKO is cross-device compatible, meaning you can view you time and attendance data from anywhere in the world, from any device, your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The information sent to your device is compressed, which means the system uses up to 90% less data than normal sites. There are so many rich features in the system we invite you to test our knowledge and book a demonstration to see the full power of NAKO.

You can save up 15% on your monthly salaries!



Primary Challenge: They wanted to be able to enter their leave for employees on their Time and Attendance system, have access to latecomers, and have all their employee hours – Read More

The Challenge? Paying too much overtime, lots of time searching for employee report information – Read More

The Challenge? To correct previous frustrations with Sunday shifts and overtime. Furthermore, implement rounding on each individual clock entry and implement automated assignments of 24-hour shift rotations Case Study – Read More

// world class Time and Attendance system

It is best to experience NAKO first hand

We therefore recommend a demonstration above all else to find out how our world class Time and Attendance system can help solve your unique industry and business specific needs. If you are looking for more than just another time and attendance solution, you have come to the right place to see NAKO’s data and statictic power in action.


What We Actually Do


NAKO boasts with more than 180 rules that can be applied if need be, while keeping calculation time to an exceptional minimum. This ensures that your time and attendance rules can easily be set up on the system.


A management module enables departments of your company to approve their own time sheets. Export only once all departments have been approved. Ensuring a proper chain of command within your time and attendance data.


Send automated reports and statistics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to any number of users. Any time and attendance report such as latecomers or total time work can be sent automatically.


What Our Clients
Have To Say About Us

Emilia Clarke
"We love The Idea Portal, because the layout is easy to understand, it saves us time by allowing us to make entries simultaneously, the employee normal and overtime hours are neatly organized and provides for better functionality. As a result, our admin workload decreased rapidly and we now have more time to focus on our thriving business!”
Emilia Clarke
“It now takes us 3 hours to complete our payroll, this means employees get paid a day in advance, resulting in a very pleased workforce! Furthermore, this time saved means that we have more time available for our other duties, and that we don't need to work overtime.”