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Nako Package and support options

Nako is meticulously tailored for the time and attendance industry. Over 180 rules are available throughout the system, which allows us to create the perfect time and attendance setup for your company. Use our export module to manage multiple departments and export batches to payroll. Monitor and track employees with our wellness module and identify any behavior changes in employees before it becomes a problem. We aim to help clients act pro-active instead of reactive.

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Nako Package

Nako Lite
Nako Lite is primarily recommended for smaller companies with basic week day shifts and straight forward exporting requirements and excludes our Statistics and Wellness functionality.

It does however include all other basic functionality within the system as well as future updates made by us.
Nako Pro
Nako Pro includes all the basic features of Nako, our advanced export functionality like night time, bunus time, custom calculations, weekend time and access to our, work in progress, advanced statistics are included with the Pro version.

Nako Pro can handle extended day shifts, split entries, night shifts and many more. It is the complete set of more than 180 rules you can apply on your time entries.

Multiple export batches can be setup with different payrun calculation requirements or company codes.

NAKO Pro further includes access to our still work in progress, advanced statistics and data analysis which will give you a more complete picture of the time and attendance of your company.
Nako Enterprise
Nako Enterprise is our pride and premium solution. It includes our revolutionary Employee Wellness Module which enables you to obtain a very clear and calculated picture of the time and attendance of your company per employee and across departments.

The Employee Wellness Module flags warnings if the time and attendance of an employee improves or worsens over over a period of time.

The Employee Wellness Map furthermore makes it exceptionally easy to identify problem areas within the company and enables you act proactively instead of reactively.
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Support Packages

Standard Support Contract

Pro Support Contract

Enterprise Support Contract

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Support Add-Ons

Monthly Progressive Case-Study online session

Includes a discussion and explanation on your monthly Progressive Case-Study as well as identifying future and action points.

Consistent Training

There are a lot of features and advanced components that can be used by your users in NAKO. Regular training ensures they stay up to date and will result in a smooth, accurate monthly payroll run.