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The Challenge?

To correct previous frustrations with Sunday shifts and overtime. Furthermore, implement rounding on each individual clock entry and implement automated assignments of 24-hour shift rotations

Case Study Date: 2020/1/20
Client: Jimbo’s

Shift rules applicable to this case study:

Rounding on every clocking
Sunday overtime
Paid public holiday
24-hour shift rotations

Case Study

Jimbo’s really struggled with their time and attendance system, when we arrived. If not implemented properly, a clock system can give you gray hairs long before your time. Their previous time and attendance system could not calculate employee hours correctly; it could not handle their shift set up. It even incorrectly allocated overtime payments linked to Sunday shifts and Paid public holiday. It was unable to split night shifts into the required hours, and this caused incorrect payments. Your time and attendance system should save you money rather than costing you money. When working with a huge employee base, incorrect payments can add up to a large sum quite quickly.  

We decided to meet with Jimbo’s management team to see how we could help sort out their problems.We designed a customized shift set-up for them, based on their exact requirements and their issues were sorted immediately!

They requested 24-hour shift rotations, rounding each clocking to the nearest 15-minute interval. There was no task we couldn’t handle. By correcting their overtime hours (so that employee normal hours payments reflected before their overtime payments), we managed to reduce their overtime payments drastically.

Jimbo’s is also currently using our Nako Enterprise Software option. This enables them to predict employee behaviour based on past history that the system saved.

It highlights trends and patterns of employees to make it easier to identify troublesome employees. For example, if an employee has been coming in late quite frequently, the colour coded table will display this clearly and from there on, managers can speedily solve issues. It’s also a great platform to award bonuses from, for employees who have been performing well.


The HR manager, Charmaine, says “I like the accessibility of the system, and it shows employee clocking times immediately. It also caters perfectly for our night shift splits.”

When it comes to numbers, with Nako we can guarantee savings of time and money. In the past, Jimbo’s had to manually calculate their employee working hours in relation to wages and salaries. This took them two days. By implementing NAKO as their time and attendance system, they could easily export to payroll.

Charmaine also said

“It now takes us 3 hours to complete our payroll, this means employees get paid a day in advance, resulting in a very pleased workforce! Furthermore, this time saved means that we have more time available for our other duties, and that we don’t need to work overtime.”


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