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Primary Challenge:

They wanted to be able to enter their leave for employees on their Time and Attendance system, have access to latecomers and have all their employee hours linked to their payroll system.

Case Study Date: 2020/05/13
Client: Agri-Edu-Provision

Case Study

Agri-Edu-Provision struggled with many Time and Attendance related issues regarding other clocking systems when we arrived. Since they are located on farms outside the city centre, their other clocking systems struggled to connect to them to provide them with sufficient service. So, when their devices failed to scan clockings they had to manually enter times themselves. This led to a lot of admin build-up which was very time consuming

They also could not add leave entries for employees on their clocking systems, so it was difficult for their payroll to align to only their clocking times. Their previous system was also old and outdated, a system that was never updated and improved on.

Agri-Edu-Provision started seeing results immediately after implementing our NAKO Clocking System. Our top-quality technicians sorted out all networking and connection issues so that we could connect directly to their farms without hassle. With NAKO, they could also add their leave entries and have it synchronised with their employee hours to reflect easier on their payroll.

NAKO is proud to present free weekly updates on the clocking system software to make it a modern platform for our clients to work from, and to keep up with the latest business trends.

Our Latecomers Report is a very valuable asset for them as they wanted to manage their employee working hours better, ensuring accurate payslips. The Latecomers Report accounts for all the minutes and hours that employees are late, based on their shift requirements. This has also saved Agri-Edu-Provision money on their monthly salaries.


The owners said that they love NAKO because the layout is easy to understand, it saves them time by allowing them to make entries simultaneously, the employee normal and overtime hours are neatly organized and provide for better functionality.

As a result, their admin workload decreased rapidly and they now have more time to focus on their thriving business!


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