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Passion for Our Products

BTX is a South African based company which specializes in Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions for all businesses, no matter the size or unique niche they occupy within their industry. Where many companies focus on the product or service to be delivered, we prefer to focus on the goals of the product and service, we set out and work with a clear strategic plan to achieve those goals.

Our vast and unique client base echoes the versatility of our time and attendance software offering. We are constantly evolving the product to ensure it grows into a feature rich but well rounded solution.

Our flagship product is Nako Web, the system is responsible for calculating all the hours worked of each employee for the purpose of exporting the information to payroll. The Nako ecosystem comes complete with hardware for collecting the clock times, to the software that integrates that with the software and finally we output information that is used to calculate the final payroll amounts.

Developed in 2009 the initial concept, Nako Desktop, grew into Nako Web in 2017, always keeping our client’s feedback in mind we have managed to build and continuously grow the system into what we are so proud to offer today. With the unique employment regulations of South Africa and its neighbouring countries in mind, we aim to be, and provide the best industry specific Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions in Africa.

As an added benefit of having all this data on employee work times, we can now also calculate statistics that evaluate a business’s workforce time performances and determine where possible improvements or adjustments are needed. We can also use comparisons to indicate how different sections or branches perform against each other. The possibilities of these statistics are endless, and are an area of future development that will in time grow to give further insights into what works and what doesn’t work in terms of workforce time management.


Passion for Our Service

We are in a very unique and exciting industry. We are responsible for ensuring that various other businesses can timely and accurately account for their employees’ time and use that information to calculate the exact amount of time each employee spent at work. This in turn is then used to calculate their employees salaries each month.

This industry has seen lots of change, but the industry is still open to many innovations and improvements. Existing competitors have stagnated and not kept up with times. In the past not much was thought of time and attendance as it was a subset of activities for calculating payroll. But recently it has been seen as an area where companies can automate and improve accuracy and end up saving on their biggest expense which is salaries.

We therefore identified the market as an opportunity and have positioned ourselves in it as a provider of a modern solution, but backed with active support. Since we are part of the process of payroll, our service is highly valued and clients cannot easily go without it. Consequently, inaccuracies or providing late resolution to problems are detrimental to our service and company reputation.

// The Three Pillars of Our Success

Hardware ---- Software ---- Support

Over years of experience and lots of trial and error, we identified three aspects of our business that are at the core of what makes up a successful implementation and happy customer.

If the hardware is not up to the task, or is sub par to what is required. We are failing right from the departure step. All that we do originates from the biometric hardware that we install. It is therefore important to have reliable hardware that is battle tested.

Having software that can be trusted is also important, we work with sensitive information and any doubt that is created hurts our reputation for delivering accurate information. So it is important to have a reliable software package.

Last but not least, are our ability to assist our customers to ensure that the ship keeps sailing. Our customers will most often have other priorities and work that they need to focus on. By assisting them to ensure that their time and attendance system is running smoothly, we alleviate the responsibility from them. This also comes into play if customers are struggling or finding it hard to complete tasks. Or if their hardware stops working and are unable to allow employees to clock.

// What we want to Achieve


Leading the industry in providing innovative time and attendance software to companies that require control over their workforce time management in a modern, accurate and integrated way. Backed by a team of experts that values customer satisfaction. Delivering support with expert knowledge of not only our own software, but also the hardware, best practices and legal requirements surrounding the industry.

// Our Goal


Become Africa’s most widely known and respected time and attendance provider, without losing sight of where we started.

// Our Culture



What Our Clients
Have To Say About Us

Emilia Clarke
"We love Biometric Time Experts, because the layout is easy to understand, it saves us time by allowing us to make entries simultaneously, the employee normal and overtime hours are neatly organized and provides for better functionality. As a result, our admin workload decreased rapidly and we now have more time to focus on our thriving business!”
Emilia Clarke
“It now takes us 3 hours to complete our payroll, this means employees get paid a day in advance, resulting in a very pleased workforce! Furthermore, this time saved means that we have more time available for our other duties, and that we don't need to work overtime.”