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Biometric Time Experts is a South African based company which specializes in time and attendance and access control solutions. Nako is our flagship time and attendance software and is meticulously tailored for the time and attendance industry. Over 180 rules are available throughout the system, which allows us to create the perfect time and attendance setup for your company. Use our export module to manage multiple departments and export batches. Monitor and track employees with our wellness module and identify any behaviour changes in employees before it becomes a problem.

Boasting with cross-device compatibility, Nako enables our users to access their time and attendance data from anywhere in the world, which enables companies to take control of their clocking system in a way that is unprecedented until now. Throughout BTX’s history we have helped to solve countless problems, for various companies, across industries and delivered tailor made biometric solutions that integrate seamlessly with their time and attendance and access control solutions. We invite you to test our industry knowledge, to help find a time and attendance and access control solution best suited to your unique business and industry specific requirements.

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We Offer a Wide
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Time & Attendance and Biometrics

A time and attendance system provides a two-way accountability. Safe guarding the employer and employee to ensure that actual hours worked are calculated accurately and paid accordingly.

Turnstiles and Access Control

Utilizing the optimal turnstiles and access control combination with your time and attendance system can increase your monthly savings with up to 15% for a proper managed solution.

Client Service Contracts

Our technical specialists are available on monthly service contracts to ensure that your payroll is delivered accurately and on time and that your biometric hardware and time and attendance software work to seamlessly offer a fully automated solution.


We Offer a Wide
Variety of Products

Browse through our range of Time & Attendance and Biometric Fingerprint solutions